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BSH is a German exporter, one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers, with 39 factories in Europe, the USA, Latin America, and Asia and a strong network of about 80 sales, production, and service companies in around 50 countries.

With outstanding home appliances and useful digital services, BSH company meets the needs of consumers worldwide.

AB&S team was asked to revamp & optimize digital campaigns across Siemens brand in the Country, far from the product listing and hard-core selling ads. We were tasked to drive increased ROI at a Country scale and to take their brand cachet to the next level across social and owned channels. With data-driven creative solutions and media production and placement, we demonstrated what’s possible when uncompromising performance and engineering excellence meet people’s passion for design and lifestyle in a high-performance environment that needs …25 hours out of the 24 a day has.


BSH Greece/Siemens


Creative Concept and Artwork, Film production, Performance Marketing, PPC, Social Media Consultation, paid media planning, buying and Optimization, Content Creation, Content creation Production, Content Management




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