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Aeras Water

aeras is a Canadian artesian bottled water that sells still, and sparkling water. differentiating by highlighting the minerals found in their water and their benefits for good health.

aēras water is locally sourced from Canada where it is naturally filtered by ancient continental rock. Produced in their dedicated facilities and enters the quality process where it is polished to perfection and filtered of all possible contaminants. Every aspect of aeras water process is overseen by their dedicated and highly experienced production team.

Bottled only in Glass, It is one of the most premium and world’s purest drinking waters, sold at an ultra-premium price in Megacities worldwide. Served in upscaled restaurants and bars of the world, exclusive premium Hotels plus it is sold directly – online – to the tables of the most selective customers.

Our team held multiple ideation sessions to discuss ideas that create, ensure the heritage and beauty of the brand were reflected through its SEO and digital marketing activities. We uncovered global search trends data in a way that would be easy to comprehend, manipulate and communicate, and consulted with various other areas of the business that required our expertise such as product design and Go to Market Strategy. AB&S team has been an extension of the marketing department for aeras right from the initial stages and has continued to support the legacy of the brand whilst building a long-lasting partnership.


aeras water


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... Because it is a superior tasting water.